Friday, 28 September 2007

Strange Behaviour

This morning an Executive Producer brought a baby into our office. Big mistake.

Have you ever seen a flock of seagulls rushing over to claim a piece of bread which has been thrown to them? Well this resembled that very scenario. Woman screeching, woman grabbing, some more screeching and the poor baby being passed around whilst these woman shower it with love and affection.

The part that interested me the most however was after the baby had left the building, the conversations between the woman who moments before had all lost ability to communicate in human speech and resorted to the lowest form of baby talk.

Colleague 1: He wasn't very cute was he?

Colleague 2: I never know what to do with babies, they just sit there.

Colleague 3: You wouldn't be able to work with one would you?

Colleague 4: I don't know, I think that you could. You'd definitely have a nanny to take care of the child, I mean I couldn't do it myself.

Colleague 2: I don't think that I want children, I just wouldn't want anything to interfere in the lifestyle I have now. Reg and I can spend our hard earned money as we please and don't need to worry about supporting anything. Plus holidays would be hard with a kid.

From what I gather TV Creative woman aren't very maternal, or else they are just so career obsessed that a child seems to be a hindrance. The level of sucking up to the Exec made me laugh though because they were fawning over the kid like it was the second coming of Jesus - I wonder if the Exec has a Nanny?


Uncle Bunny said...

Babies seem to have that effect on people, having had my sister recently spawn me a new nephew I can vouch for this. Many of the most intelligent and least parental people I know dissolve into coos and giggles. If the baby screams then everything in the house gets dropped until it stops.

The bit that really worries me is how cute they find it when the baby needs changing. I actually heard an argument the other night between my sister, her boyfriend and my parents over who got to change the baby. Not who had to, but who was the lucky, lucky person who got to take off a soiled nappy.

I really don't get it. My reaction to the whole thing is basically to admit that he's cute, though looks rather rubbery, and then shut my door and try and get on with studying.

The Divine Miss M said...

I love babies like most woman but don't totally lose my brain when they arrive in the room - I don't like fawning of strangers babies!

My Aunt and I did recently have an argument over who was going to hold my cousin. In the end the baby chose and cried when she held it but was happy when I did. SCORE! *evil cackle*

Uncle Bunny said...

My nephew's always happy (or at least doesn't cry) when I hold him, probably because I've patiently explained to him that I really don't care if he cries, and that all that'll happen if he does is I'll put my iPod on and drown him out. Me and him have reached a pleasant understanding about this, and so long as he promises to behave when I'm holding him I've promised to be a bad influence as soon as he's old enough to learn from my example.

TBHanks said...

Geez, I hate it when that happens. But as long as I don't have to coo too, I'm good.
Babies are rather gross, i think.