Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Colleague Entertainment

So yesterday my colleague took a big step in her personal life. She has been seeing this guy for about 7 weeks and yesterday she changed her facebook status to “in a relationship”. Now I don’t know how many of you use facebook but I swear that program has opened up whole new relationship stress that none of us needs. Within 10 minutes of her doing so she received about 6 wall posts and further messages from people demanding to know what/where/who/why. She even received a message from said guy’s housemate going “oh wow, so you guys are official now, I didn’t know that, congratulations”. This was proceeded by complete panic stations from the colleague as the sudden worry that perhaps the said guy didn't assume they were in a relationship.

Colleague: We've been seeing each other for about 7 weeks now, and spent a couple of full weekends together, what does that mean?

Miss M: *talks without thinking* Well have you had THE DISCUSSION?

Colleague: Oh my god, no not really. Do you think he doesn't think we're in a relationship? I mean if he did think we were I'm sure he would have told the housemate. What if he doesn't think we are and I've just posted it for the world? Oh my god, he might dump me. But can he dump me if we're not together? Are we together?

Miss M: Breathe, didn't he say you're coming to his family lunch in a couple of weeks? That's relationshippy

Colleague: You're right. You wouldn't invite a random shag to a family event. Wow, I'm going to meet the family, that's big.

Miss M: Well that clears it up.

*tries to do her work*

Colleague: But what if he didn't want people to know we were together?

Miss M: Why would he want that?

Colleague: Because we're not dating?

Miss M: But if you weren't why would he want you to meet his parents?

*attempts to slit her wrists with the plastic knife from lunch*

Damn facebook for getting me involved in my colleagues lives. Okay so it was rather entertaining.

They apparently had THE DISCUSSION last night and they are in a relationship and he was fine about the facebook status. He did however say "Check with me before you change it to married ok?"

That opened up a whole new can of worms today let me tell you!


MidniteGem said...

How true - facebook and brought in a new element to dating that we never saw coming. It also works the other way, i.e after breaking up who is going to be the first to change their relationship status back to single.

The Divine Miss M said...

Yup, like Killer and her breakup ;) I just don't have a status, that's the way around it!