Monday, 3 September 2007

New start

Friday night saw the end of my run with my favourite Director as I now have officially started on a new show. Brand new desk with an amazing view of the Thames, new colleagues who so far seem nice and best of all a whole new creative team - who I have yet to meet actually but I'm sure that they can not be as bad as the previous one.

I did have a slightly amusing parting conversation with the Director on Friday evening

Director: I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work you've done on this show

Miss M: That's alright, no problem at all. We are here to make your life easier

Director: Well hopefully we can catch up for a drink soon, it would be so nice to see you outside of work.

Miss M: (Completely ignores the question) I'm so excited about starting on my new show

Director: I can imagine, we'll have to do drinks soon so I can hear all about it

Miss M: (Panics) Well I have to run, got some things to finish off before I leave.

Director: (Perhaps still not getting the point) Oh ok, well hopefully see you around

Perhaps the past 3 and a half months have just been a complete figment of my imagination? Did I not have to heed to his every single whim no matter how stupid they were? Did I not get all those phone calls on Saturday afternoons just to complain about things and to make my life difficult? Did he not constantly act superior to me in every way and make my life hell? I don't get it ... Perhaps I was living in an alternate universe. Oh well, NEXT!


Mrs said...

Oh my actual...was he HITTING on you?

The Divine Miss M said...

I don't know, and I am mildly concerned ... he is in his 40's and has really bad body odour ...

Mrs said...

B.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nee...40 is the new 25 apparently...but somehow I just KNOW mr director dude is not your type.

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh but who wouldn't want a demanding, childlike, selfish smelly person as their boyfriend? ;)

Mrs said...

Nay to all of the above. I'd rather be a nun.