Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Meeting Men

Working in television has it's many perks but one of the downsides is that it is near to impossible to meet a man. Why is this you ask? Well the majority of them seem to be gay. I don't know if this is because you need to be a catty superior bitch to work in TV or if it is just because all creative and intelligent men are gay?

And if you are straight and happen to work in TV you are snapped up in record time because it really is such a rarity.

Christmas and Wrap parties are the worst; do you know how cringworthy it is watching a bunch of inebriated woman scan the crowd looking for a victim, be too drunk to realise or care that they are gay, and to rub themselves suggestively up against them. It leads to very amusing and embarrassing stories the next day when the photographs are brought out and they suddenly remember trying to shove their tongue down the blatantly obvious camp gay man.

So what does this leave me with; City Boys? Testosterone filled builders? Sleezy Sales men? Nerdy IT boys?

I think I might stick to hot gay men ...


TBHanks said...

I think all media attract gay men. It's just the nature of the biz. There are some straight ones; you just have to sniff 'em out very carefully.

The Divine Miss M said...

Over here they seem to be married if they're straight. It's all very disappointing.

I suppose there are always the presenters on my show *evil grin*

Mrs said...

My husband always jokes about my one gay guy friend I adore so much: if he were'nt gay, you'd have him in a second.

J said...

There's nothing nerdy about IT boys!!

The Divine Miss M said...

Aw J you're right there isn't ... in fact I've dated a couple of them, they're lovely.

I was just being naughty and stereotyping ;)