Monday, 3 September 2007

Friday night

I did have a rather entertaining weekend. Friday night was the end of my run on the documentary so I went out with my manager and a couple of members of another team for "Friday Night Drinks" - little did I know what these entailed ..

630pm - Come on Miss M stop pretending like you're working and go and socialise with everyone. Round of drinks bought

7pm - Prod Manager shows up and buys a round of drinks

720pm - Colleague shows up and buys a round of drinks

745pm - Another Colleague shows up and buys a round of drinks

8pm - Slightly pissed Miss M gets lost on the way to the toilet and meets funny woman who may or may not have been hitting on her

830pm - Miss M buys round of drinks (I know this due to the receipt in my wallet which was for an obscene amount of money for Friday night drinks)

9pm - Prod Manager thinks it would be funny for use to pour cheap vodka we have with us into soft drinks bought from the bar

902pm - Miss M smashes litre bottle of vodka on the floor

904pm - We nearly get thrown out but Miss M manages somehow to convince the manager we're legit

930pm - Someone else buys more drinks

10pm - Prod Manager drags us to her friends 30th at some bar in Clerkenwell

1047pm - Miss M SOMEHOW manages to drop her glass of Vodka and lemonade on the floor and remains just holding the straw

1049pm - Someone replaces Miss M's drink

11pm - Miss M decides to go home

Somewhere in between here I managed to find a tube station, get on a train which was going in the correct direction and get off at my stop - many thanks to the random stranger who woke me up just before I needed to get off even though I have no recollection of telling him

12pm - Miss M gets home and passes out

*Please note that times might not be 100% accurate

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