Tuesday, 11 September 2007

G.T.D.S.B.S Syndrome*


I'm reading this fantastic book at the moment (check it out on What am I Reading) and I came across this lovely acronym. It really does aptly describe what my life entails of mostly. I go out, have a couple of drinks and then have a conversation in my head**

Miss M: Hmm ... wouldn't it be funny if I yanked that girls g-string which is hanging out of her trousers?

Inner Monologue: No I don't think she'd appreciate it

Miss M: Oh come on, it would be sooooooo funny!

Inner Monologue: No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

Miss M: Just one quick yank, she'll never know it was me (moves in closer)


Miss M: Ah screw you!

**Not this is not THE constant conversation, I do not have an obsession with girls g-strings but I have had this one in my head

The end result is that I make a complete fool out of myself and retire home completely humiliated by my actions. I wish we could just avoid this syndrome completely but week after week, sober or drunk, we all end up doing something completely silly.

I wonder if Ashrita Furman of the US realised he was partaking in this syndrome when he decided to unicycle 85.5 kilometres BACKWARDS in the US on the 16th September 1994. Ok so he does have a Guinness World Record ... but isn't that just a bit silly?***

Or how about how when though my cellphone is right next to me at my desk, I haven't left my desk and the phone hasn't made a single noise I still feel the compulsion to double check that there are no messages or missed calls.

He still hasn't called. I think I might G.T.D.S.B.S

***It appears that he was trying to beat Akira Matsushima of Japan who unicycled a distance of 5,244 kms in 1992. Since he couldn't beat that he decided to do it backwards. HA TAKE THAT!

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