Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Take a break, have a kit-kat

I'm so sorry dear readers but I am going to have a take a break for a bit.

I hope to be back soon but at the moment my job is just too stressful and busy for me to even contimplate blogging. Spare time is being spent AWAY from work and blogging just feels like additional work at the moment so I just don't have the energy or desire.

This isn't goodbye, more of a see you soon!


Friday, 7 November 2008

No more drugs for you!

Lines delivered by my Series Producer today.

Does anyone have some deodorant I can use? I have arm pits like a sailor!

I'm so sexy, I have phlegm on my chin!

My husband is like my best friend. Plus he has a huge shaft!

A Friday is never dull in my office.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

An Apology

I have been a bad blogger of late.

It isn't that I don't love you guys, in fact when I think about my blog I feel massive amounts of guilt as I am letting my readers down by not being witty, intelligent and interesting. It is just that work has been so incredibly busy that BLOGGING about work is the last thing that I want to do.

And quite frankly it just hasn't been that exciting of late.

I could tell you how I accidentally called my Series Producer's father a Paedophile.

I still haven't lived that one down.

But I will leave that for another time.

But in all honestly with the amount of work that is being piled on me I just don't have the time to write any instances down and instead am either going home and collapsing or going climbing.

At present I am a glorified Travel Agent booking travel and hotels around the country for our shoots coming up through November and December.

And all I am actually doing is counting down the days until Jailbait and I head to Cape Town.

35 to go.

I promise I will be back soon giving you plenty of eye candy in my typical Miss M style so in the meantime please bear with me and don't abandon me!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Who's your Daddy?

Nepotism is rife within the Television industry. This close knit community of people would rather have "one of their own" than allow a total random an opportunity. When given the choice between a bosses child and a poor sap who has applied for the position they always go with the family member.

This is extremely frustrating in some situations.

For example we have a Runner (for definitions of these roles read my previous post here) working on our current show. He happens to be the son of one of the Executive Producers within the company. In all fairness to him he did apply for the job without telling anyone who he was, but as soon as you see him and speak to him you would have to be deaf and blind not to notice who's son he is!

Now he is a sweetheart. I really like him and have no issues with him BUT it is more the role that is happening now.

No one wants to give him the runner jobs etc because of the fact that he is one of the Exec's son so on our shoots which are coming up we are having to hire another Runner to work on them.

It seems to redundant to me. Especially as I am working extremely hard over here trying to keep costs down.

Oh well.

Nepotism will forever be alive in the work place I guess.

I can just be proud of the fact that I made it where I am without any help from anyone.