Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Those of you who work in the media will know how fake and plastic the people can be in this truly lovely industry. In TV it can be even worse since you all work on contracts for as long as the show runs which can range between 1 - 5 months depending on your position. To add to this there are many over the top personalities grouped together in a really small environment; it is hectic and intense to say the least. However actually making a worthwhile friendship out of this is next to impossible.

What seems to happen is that you bond quickly with your team over deadlines, annoying creatives, stress and general chaos but none of these friendships are "real" per say. After the show has finished you never really hear from that person, unless of course it is to see if you have any work available for them.

Now I have a problem with this as I can't handle these "fakeships" as they can be truly exhausting. Within a week you know all the inner working details of your teams lives along with personal details I don't even know about my close friends back home! You end up spending 80% of your day with them till late into the night, you share how the job is slowly destroying your personal life and on Friday's you go out and get pissed together and take the mickey out of the creatives.

On my new job I'm finding it rather hard to get into this "fakeship" thing with my colleagues as I'm the last person to start. They've already covered everything and are giggling together, going off for lunch each day and regaling each other about their weekend activities. In fact two of my colleagues have even taken to spending weekends together now as if our working hours are not enough! Today they looked at me strangely because instead of gossiping in the cafeteria for lunch I wanted to sit in the park reading my book in the small gap of sunshine we had. Apparently I'm not making enough effort to make these two my new best friends. Why bother if it is only going to be for 3 months? Plus I feel so left out when I do join them for lunch because they've got this whole "fakeship" thing down pat and I really don't know how to break in to their rituals and jokes.

I miss my old team. I'm thinking I could phone them and meet them for lunch, but that could be breaking the rules of the "fakeships"


ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

These "fakeships" tend to sap your energy as they take so much out of you. Hard work!
I do not do well at pretending. I usually pick one or two people I feel I can bond with. As for the rest... well.. screw them!

The Divine Miss M said...

That they do, it really is exhausting getting to know people so quickly and then to abandon them a couple of months later. Grrr

I shall try that ... ;)

Mrs said...

No, Miss M.
NO. Don't fall for the fakeships. I've had a few of these randomly in the past. The less you hang out the better. Just be nice.
That's it. That way, they can't say shit about you behind your back. You sound like you're exhausted by the fakeships.

The Divine Miss M said...

I get to embark on new ones every 3 or so months, it starts to slowly destroy you. hehehe