Monday, 3 September 2007

Saturday's braai

We decided to host a braai this past Saturday at our humble abode. I'm quite impressed that braai'ing actually happen as we all got rather pissed before it was even lit. 15 people showed up and it really was nice just to chill out and catch up with everyone over a few drinks.

At this point I just want to say a massive thank you to FirePoiBoi for handling the braai like a true master and giving us lots of yummy food to eat ;)

9pm was when it got messy as we decided to descend on the local Walkabout and as we've read previously Miss M is not so good at holding her booze and not making a complete idiot out of herself.

All I will say is that I found myself being given a piggyback ride by a yummy English fellow at about 1am back to my house and having races with The Kat who was on FirePoiBoi's back. We then descended on the park across the road to watch FirePoiBoi give us a wonderful Fire Poi display - The Kat managed to burn herself AGAIN but since she can hardly remember I suppose it doesn't matter does it?

Hangover Sunday was not fun I must say ...

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