Friday, 21 September 2007

Conversation 6

I was lucky enough today to be party to a new game that TV people seem to be playing at the moment.

Miss M innocently sitting and eating her lunch in the cafeteria with a few people from another show

Colleague 1: Right, perfume or pop rock candy?

Colleague 2: Oh man! Either of those are terrible!

Colleague 1: Well you have to choose. If you were being tortured* which of the two would you prefer?

Colleague 2: Umm ... hmm .. ok ... umm ... I'm going to go for the pop rock.

Laughter all round

Colleague 2: Ok, now which would you prefer; sharp stick or a heated up rock?

Colleague 1: That's just cruel!

Colleague 2: Choose!

Colleague 1: Sharp stick.

Ok, now can anyone guess what game they're playing?

Didn't think so.

It's called: What Would You Rather Have Stuck in Your Eye?

*Can anyone think of a form of torture where they stick either of those items in your eye?! Would be a fantastic new one though
Man: No, not the poprock! I can't take the popping noise! Noo!!!! I give in! I'll tell you all my secrets! Just not the poprock!


MidniteGem said...

ok - now that is completely random !

The Divine Miss M said...

Yup, but got to love it!

I think I might play this game regularily. It's hysterical!

Sheppitsgal said...

Ok - I do not even know what pop rock candy is!!!

Does not sound like much fun though !

The Divine Miss M said...

Pop Rock candy is that stuff that you put on your tongue and it fizzes and pops before you eat it. Very strange yet addictive ...