Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Be Proud

So today, at 1730pm, I finally removed Boy with Girlfriend from my MSN contacts. Yesterday I deleted his phone number from my phone along with all all of his emails.

Unfortunately I neglected to mention to him that I was doing this before I got rid of all the contacts for him but we'll see if he even notices that his "Other Woman" has disappeared.



Gem said...

Well DONE !! I'm very proud of you ! :) Tis def the right thing to do for your own piece of mind and better in the long run.

TBHanks said...

Good for you DMM. He is sooooo not worth it. Now you can treat yourself with some icy champers and chocolate-dipped strawberries for being so smart.

The Divine Miss M said...

Thanks guys :) I'm feeling a little flat this morning though

Mrs said...

Good for you dear.

TBHanks said...

No don't feel flat. What's one good thing that can happen today? What's one thing you love in your wardrobe?
What made you smile since you woke up? Think of all that stuff.
Alternately, you can think of a losers like Paris, Lindsay and Kate and how bloody dumb they are. Always makes me feel better. Money can't buy you class.