Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Such a Klutz

I embarrassed myself severely this morning.

Was feeling too lazy to walk into Wombletown so when I saw the bus this morning I ran for it before it rudely left without me. I reached it in time but as I stepped onto it something went wrong with my co-ordination and I fell flat on my face into the bus.

Driver: Concern etched on his face Are you alright?

Miss M: Picks herself back up again Ye, ye, I'm fine. Nothing to worry about

Taps her Oyster Card and moves into the bus

Passenger 1: Are you okay?

Miss M: Fine thanks

Passenger 2: Shame that looked sore, you sure you're fine?

Miss M: Really I'm alright, wasn't as bad as it looked

Passenger 3: That looked like it hurt, you ok?

Miss M: Yes.

Passenger 4: Didn't break anything did you?

Miss M: Narrows her eyes No I didn't.

For crying out loud! The bus isn't that big, can't you hear the very first time I'M FINE THANK YOU VERY MUCH

As if it wasn't humiliating enough there was the most gorgeous guy standing on the bus who smirked at me.



MsMozi said...

Are you sure it was a smirk and not a smile Miss M? Because the whole scenario definitely sounds like something out of a good romantic comedy - you almost miss the bus, trip and fall, eventually get on - see the man of your dreams. As you walk towards him you accidently drop your handbag - you both lean down to pick it up and bump heads - smile - and fall in love?

The Divine Miss M said...

I wish. I'm pretty sure it was a smirk. Nothing like that ever happens to me :(

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Next time, aim for the gorgeous guy and fall on top of him. Might as well have fun while your going down to kiss the dirt, right?

TBHanks said...

Shame man. i can totally sympathise though. Sooo...are you ok then? ;)

The Divine Miss M said...

Chitty - Good idea ... perhaps the next one I shall plan ;)

Tobie - Do you WANT to die?