Thursday, 20 September 2007

Dirty Little Secret

So at the moment I am working on a very well known, high profile English reality show which you can pretty much guarantee everyone in the UK knows - except I've never watched it in my life. I can not decide if this is good or bad, in fact most of the shows that we make I don't want watch and for some reason I feel really guilty about it, like I am not supporting my company or something like that.

I lie too.

Production Manager: Did you watch the finale of x last night?

Miss M: Bits and pieces, I was cooking dinner through it

Production Manager: Can you believe x won?

Miss M: I KNOW! How brilliant was that

Thinking to herself - I have no idea who you're talking about

Production Manager: It wasn't as good as previous years but I think it still was very enjoyable.

Miss M: Definitely, I watched the last one but couldn't really get into this one

Liar liar pants on fire, you've never watched a full episode, probably about 3 minutes once and then you got bored

With my new show I don't know when is the right time to tell someone that I have never actually watched an episode, or even a few minutes out of one. I lied in my interview too.

Miss M: I love this show so much, it would be fantastic to work on, a real opportunity to help make a show that I love and religiously watch! (I did do some research into it in case they tried to trick with me with questions)

Translation: Hmm ... maybe this year I won't completely take the piss out of it but I sure as hell won't be watching!

Maybe it is because I always seem to end up working on reality shows and for me those are the worst shows on television to watch so I avoid them all like the plague. Maybe I always end up on them as the British public like them so much that most shows made here are reality based somehow.

Maybe it will work in my favour as I won't be all star struck with the celebrities on the show.

Maybe I'll have to eventually let my little dirty secret out.

Maybe I'll just fake it for the entire run of the show ...


TBHanks said...

Fake it, meisie, fake it. Just try once a week to watch it. Or you could always say you're so busy at work you can't watch it as much as you'd like to...

Uncle Bunny said...

I'd've thought having the intelligence not to watch these reality shows would qualify you better for the job. I've managed to watch reality television a couple of times a few years ago, back when I was in university and too paralysed by drink to turn off the television, and I'm sure they caused more brain damage than the alcohol.

Despina said...

Great post! I keep doing that in auditions - yes, I saw the last show you did, etc etc!
Hope the faking is going well :)