Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Drawing a blank

Today someone added me as a friend on facebook; now I have a rule where I won't accept you unless I know you so I emailed her and asked where I knew her from. I got a reply telling me that she went to primary school with me and then the last two years of high school and how can I not remember her.

I can't.

I am drawing a total blank. Complete and total blank.

I feel like such a bad person but was she so unmemorable that my brain has just decided that I never knew her? How can I completely forget someone? And it was only 7 years ago! Am I getting old? What is going on here?

Tears her hair out


ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

When I think back to my schooldays I tend to remember only the interesting people. The off-beat kids who did all the crazy stunts or who did something memorable, and of course all the hot chicks. Everyone else becomes part of "the collective".
It is just the way things are. I can probably remember three or four people form my primary school days.

The Divine Miss M said...

I usually remember the names but wouldn't recognise the faces, I'm really good with names.

But I can't remember her at all.

Plus she went to high school with me and that wasn't SOOOO long ago

*pretends like she isn't getting worried about getting older*

Star & said...

and I burnt holes in my brain with dodgy drugs,schnazzled my nasal cavities and obliterated 4 of the 6th senses (including the VITAl 7th sense-DRESS sense) and I knew exactly who it was..yet these days I cant remember peoples names 2 seconds after I have met them..

The Divine Miss M said...

Maybe I'm just totally screwed.