Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Overheard in the Elevator 3

Just minding my own business making my way to my floor when ...

Male 1: Show going well?

Male 2: Ye, going really well thanks

Male 1: Got any shoots coming up?

Male 2: Got one tomorrow actually, we're filming a birth in an airplane. Lots of blood. Should be good.

Male 1: Wicked

Male 2: Though we've got some actors coming in for 1 liners, hopefully they won't say too much

Male 1: Mmmhh

Miss M gets off at her floor

Blood? I wonder how they reenact that ...

Director: Okay, we need to see lots of blood gushing now, can someone please bring on the actor and make sure she is bleeding enough. If not would someone please make the incisions deeper, I need to see lots of blood people! Work with me here!

Haha, I wouldn't put that past some TV directors.

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