Friday, 31 August 2007

Overheard in the office

So sitting behind me in our office is a team which are making a prime time show and at the moment they are casting for contributors. I get to hear way too many strange conversations which in the "real" world would not be acceptable in the office but in the world of TV no one even seems to notice them. For some reason I seem to tune in right at the strangest point ...


AP: Oh really? (raises her eyebrows) You like to do that?

AP: No ... (slight girly giggle) Oh my, you really are naughty aren't you?

AP: (twirls the cord around her finger) I'm sure you'd be amazing

Now in theory they are discussing the contributor and doing the preliminary questions to see if they are a suitable candidate, but doesn't that sound dodgy?

AP: Now do you have a criminal record from that?

Hmm ... who exactly are they talking to?

AP: Are you single at the moment?

AP: Would you be willing to become single for this?

So now we're not only trying to set people up we're now actually breaking them up too!


AP: He is really sexy

Producer: Yes but is he stupid enough? We can't have him being intelligent because then it just wouldn't work

AP: Well he looks fairly stupid, wouldn't you say?

Producer: Hmm ... yes the eyes do appear to be slightly vacant

I love it!!!!

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