Tuesday, 28 August 2007

How to: Successfully waste a Bank Holiday Monday

So you get a day off from work - suddenly you have an entire extra day to do something with, the possibilities are endless. You could:

1) Go for a long walk
2) Meet some friends for lunch
3) Go shopping
4) Go to the Notting Hill Carnival
5) Get drunk
6) Do anything except what I did

Firstly I didn't get up or showered until about 2pm in the afternoon after having washed the truly massive pile of dishes that the Kat, Fligela, Captain B and I managed to create on Sunday night. Then after showing I went for the most pointless expedition into Wombletown to find a watermelon in order to make vodka watermelon for the party next weekend but apparently no one in Wombletown sells them. Then Fligela and I went for coffee at Nero and got into some stupid argument about addictions and whether or not you can still be addicted to something and not have it affect your life in a negative way - which I still stand to the fact that you can be - and I ended up walking out on him as opposed to actually hanging around to scream at him in a public place.

He can really wind me up sometimes. Ok, so I understand that he is all stressed out about work and not knowing whether he can stay in the country past the end of September (visa issues) and I really do care, I mean I offered the marry the guy, but the grumpy argumentative Fligela that comes with it is really starting to annoy me. No matter what we start talking about he gets argumentative and will basically just choose to say the opposite in order to work out his aggravations. I mean come on, at the bus stop on the way into Wombletown we argued over whether or not a cat can stare at a car coming towards it and make a conscious judgment if it is capable of ducking under the car. SERIOUSLY?! Just for the record I was arguing that the cat can't as animals just rely on instinct but he seemed to think that the cat really has a thought process in that situation - most likely just to wind me up.

So after walking out on him I got home and found The Kat staring at our fridge with a mutinous expression and I resigned myself to the fact that we were now officially going to clean it. So we did. An hour and a half later we had a spotless house and more importantly a now spotless fridge - how we managed to eat food out of that fridge is beyond me but Fligela pointed out the fact that all of our food was ready made sealed packages hence why we hadn't died.

The Kat then made us dinner (chicken risotto YUMMY) and I collapsed on the couch again and watched tv and ate chocolate to the point of bursting. Then at about 9pm I weighed up the merits of throwing up the chocolate from earlier and then eating some ice cream but apparently that wasn't a good idea so I just chatted to 10 minute man (and no this is not some porno name but reference to the fact that he seems to think he can drive his car from Mowbray to Tableview in 10 minutes flat YE RIGHT) online and attempted to help him with his work as no normal human should still be at work at midnight.

Is that really and truly one of the most wasted bank holiday Monday's ever?


Gem said...

LOL - I pretty much ended up doing the same. We went and did a massive shop for groceries and I landed up with a cut toe thanks to that. And then cleaned out the fridge and the cupboard where an onion had decided to start rotting about 3 weeks ago.
wow - arent we sad

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh yes ... 2 intelligent and happy go lucky girls did grocery and fridge cleaning on a bank holiday monday when they really should have been out together! Wow we are sad ...

Gem said...

lol - so true ...so sad