Friday, 24 August 2007

The very first one

So this is my very first post ... phillygirl has sucked me into the world of blogging and I think that this might be a good idea - well at least until I get bored of it!

Well today I'm sitting at work and absolutely hating the 4th day in a row where I actually have had absolutely nothing to do - some might say that this is fantastic but do you know how boring it actually is to sit here and do absolutely zilch? I really should not be but the absolutely useless Director that we are working with at the moment has not finished the rough cut of the show on time and I can not start the post production work on it which of course means we are going to miss our deadline and that my company are paying me for sitting on my arse and chatting to my friends ... aah the joys.

This Director really is useless - we're making a show about Shoplifters in which we camped out in numerous stores across England, set up security equipment and waited for people to steal things so that we could catch it on camera and then come out and shout SURPRISE! No seriously we would call the cops etc ... but we caught barely anyone, the reason for this? Well our lovely Director decided to set up all the secret cameras around the shops DURING WORKING HOURS!!! I mean come on?! Of course no one came to steal, they knew we were there!!! *grr* So basically this show is a complete pile of crap and I am counting down the days till I leave it and move onto "real" tv, well if you count lovely celebrity reality shows as proper tele ... ;)

Phillygirl seems to think that people will actually read this ... let's see ...


Varen said...

congrats on the new blog and good luck with the boredom..



The Divine Miss M said...

Ah fanks hun :) Damn bastards fiund something for me to do!

Gem said...

cool - welcome to the world of blogging...yay now I have another friends blog to link on my page :)

phillygirl said...

Hey lady. Welcome to the blogosphere! /*clink*/ here's to many hours wasted on blogging and the laughing out loud while i read about your escapades ;)