Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Boring Tuesday

I am such a wimp I tell you, last night I had all the good intentions in the world of going to the gym after finishing work but somewhere along the line I managed to convince myself that I didn't need to go and that I could go this morning - surprise surprise that didn't happen either. I'm a little worried though as The Kat keeps bringing out this chocolate from Czech each evening and I keep consuming it in high quantities but we're both hoping that we'll run out eventually and then the binge shall stop. It had better stop if I intend on going home at the end of the year and knocking everyone dead with how stunning I look - if it continues I'll be knocking everyone down since they won't be able to avoid running into me due to the size I've reached!

So basically I ended up sitting on the couch watching some American drama show called "What about Brian"
-32 y
ear old Brian Davis is living the life of a single guy in Los Angeles. However, he is the only bachelor left in his group of friends. His best friend, lawyer Adam Hillman, recently got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Marjorie, a girl Brian has secretly long had a crush on and who Adam was planning to break up with. His other best friend Dave Greco, who is co-founder with Brian of Zap Monkey, a company that designs and produces video games, cannot wait to welcome Brian into the marriage club, as Dave has been married with Deena for 13 years and has three daughters. His older sister, record executive Nicole "Nic" Varzi, has recently married and is pregnant, even though she is in her forties. Brian's journey to find romance leads him down a road where the picture perfect relationships of his friends are tested and revealed for what they truly are. -

This show is like crack. Seriously. I hate it and want to get away but every Tuesday I find myself watching it and after every single episode I promise never to watch it again but of course the following week I'm right back there. It bothers me that the show is only filled with beautiful people and they all seem to have such complicated lives, it also seems to give me unrealistic expectations as to what life is going to be like. I mean at age 25 shouldn't I already be some rich, kick ass lawyer or a beautiful stripper who meets a rich lovely man who marries her after 2 weeks? Also really can so many bad things happen to one person? I finish every single episode feeling as if my life is pathetic and that I am not reaching my full potential! That and that being single is really one of the worst things that can happen to me according to most American shows. *starts to cry*

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