Friday, 31 August 2007

The morning after

Back at my desk this morning in the office and I can not concentrate on anything else other than the monumentally stupid mistake I made last night in going to see Boy with Girlfriend. I'm obsessively checking my MSN to see if he is there yet, my phone is never more than an inch away from me and every conversation I have with someone in the office keeps trailing off on my side because my mind keeps drifting back to this stupid situation.

I'm not texting him - he hasn't texted me - I refuse to call him - he hasn't called me - I want to talk to him - I refuse to contact him. It is like some stupid cycle and I wonder when I'm going to give in. I can't let him have all the power can I? However when I'm there with him and he's whispering in my ear my entire body melts. I'm in serious trouble here ...

I think I need a new obsession.

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