Thursday, 30 August 2007

Conversation 2

(Phone rings)

Miss M: Hello?

Director: Hi, do you know what line I'm calling from?

Miss M: Yes, 3842

Director: Yes I know that but I need the full number

Miss M: I don't have that but if you dial 0 the operator will be able to tell you

Director: Can you not do that for me?

Miss M: No I can't, they won't know what phone I'm dialing from

Director: How annoying, I'm very busy. Is there not any other way?

Miss M: Well other than me walking over to the tower (10 minutes away) and dialing from your phone, no.

Director: This really is annoying, why do you not have the full number?

Miss M: I am so sorry but you never told me the full number when you moved to that room

Director: Ok fine, I'll do it myself. Bye

(phone gets put down)

Miss M: Well you could have done it 15 times over during this pointless conversation!

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