Monday, 27 August 2007

Bank Holiday Monday

So it is a bank holiday weekend, and apparently I am supposed to be suffering from multiple severe hangovers from drinking but somehow that just didn't happen to me. After actually making it to the gym on Saturday and killing myself I went on a mission with some friends to Richmond. But we never actually made it there. After many an arguments with Fligela about the fastest route to make it there and the complications of buying the correct tickets we finally boarded a train ONLY to get ejected at some random station due to complications further up the line. Now what the complications were I'm not 100% certain but we got ejected in the middle of nowhere! Barnes - where people go to breed. No seriously, all we saw were familys with their snotty children. Eventually after walking 30 odd minutes with The Token American complaining none stop about desperately needing a beer otherwise he was going to die we found this amazing pub right on the river and plonked ourselves there for a good few hours. Now let me tell you drinks out with The Token American, Fligela and Captain B are always quite entertaining; after arguing about 1) American politics 2) South African politics 3) American Indian's casinos 4) whether warcraft is in fact social interaction 5) smoking we were well and truly on our way to being pissed and cranky so we headed back on the train to Putney and drank further at some bar whilst The Token American tried the numbers tactic on picking up woman. This is talking to as many as possible and seeing if at least one will be interested in you - unfortunately he lost so we all headed home. All in all a crappy start to the day but a good evening had by all. I will actually make it to Richmond for drinks one day.

Sunday was spent chilling in the park across the road chatting, playing badminton and flying Captain B's new little toy helicopter which sounds and looks like an angry mosquito. Cute. Then the Kat, Captain B, Fligela and I played poker for about 5 hours. Now the Kat is a table bully with far too much luck and she won way to often however I won the final tournament and beat Fligela's ass thank you very much ;)
So now I've woken up on the bank holiday and I am supposed to be at the Notting Hill Carnival but I have the worst period cramps ever and I am feeling very sorry for myself so I think I might just watch some more tv and sulk. Actually I think the Kat is going to drag me into Wombletown in a minute to find a bottle and vodka and a watermelon for the house party next weekend. *forsees bad things for next weekend*

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