Thursday, 30 August 2007

Conversation 1

Miss M: Hiya, was just giving you a quick call to let you know what time the last train is that you can catch back to London tonight

Director: Oh great. I'll be finishing up with the cameraman at about 530pm so anytime after that

Miss M: Well unfortunately the last train that leaves Dundee and returns direct to London via Edinburgh leaves at 1628.

Director: Well I won't be finished by then.

Miss M: I'm really sorry (I'm apologising for not having a later train?!) but there really are no later trains that will get you back by the end of tonight

Director: I used to live in Edinburgh, I know that trains run through the evening straight to London

Miss M: Ok ... however I have the National Rail website up infront of me and they say that their last train leaving Edinburgh is at 1745 and that is the train which leaves Dundee at 1628. The next one is at 620am the following morning.

Director: That can not be, I definitely remember there being trains later, I have taken them in the past.

Miss M: In the past there might have been but TODAY there are not (starting to get slightly pissed off)

Director: I know that they are

Miss M: Right, well if you would like to risk waiting for a later train you are more than welcome to but according to National Rail there are not anymore.

Director: There must be, I need to leave later.

Miss M: SERIOUSLY there are no more trains! (Really agro at this point)

Director: Ok fine, I'll get on that one.

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