Monday, 1 October 2007

A Chance Meeting

A tube ride on Saturday led to a really strange chance meeting with a girl who was at university with me. One of those situations where I wasn't really friends with her but knew her through other people - couldn't even remember her name when I saw her. She, however, was really strange.

Miss M on a over crowded tube rammed up against a bunch of strangers

Miss M: Hey, how you? Strange to see you here

Strange Girl: Yes, I'm not supposed to run into people I know on the tube!

Miss M: I'm sorry about that

Trust me honey if I could have avoided saying hi I would have


Strange girl pokes the guy standing next to her

Strange Girl: Introduce yourself!

Man: Hi, I'm P

Miss M: Nice to meet you, I'm Miss M

Strange Girl: That's my HUSBAND!

Miss M: Ooookaaayyy, good to know ... Well this is my stop. Bye.

How completely random. Was she pointing out to me that she had managed to get married and how cool she was because of it? Was she trying to make me feel jealous, because he really wasn't anything special. What on earth. Is he some sort of appendage that she feels she has to show to everyone? It isn't like he's jewellery or anything honey!


MidniteGem said...

Lol, how completely random. I can't stand chicks like that. If I ever treat my lovely bf like that or act like that smack me! Lol

The Divine Miss M said...

I think that The Lovely BF would do it for me! :P

MsMozi said...

Hmmm weird.. did she smell a little like meths?

The Divine Miss M said...

Msmozi - Thankfully I didn't get that close to her. However if I ever run into her again I shall run away as fast as possible!

Uncle Bunny said...

Maybe its the same way that some people like to show off disgusting growths on their bodies?

Despina said...

Ha, I hate it when I bump into an acquaintance and can't remember their name!