Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Crap Jobs

After a comment from Sugar about a shit job role she had in TV I decided to have a think and list all of the crappy and stupid things I did as a runner a few years ago. Sometimes there were perks though.

1) Come to work at 630am to fill the metre on a car parked outside of our office so we didn't get a ticket. I still had to work until the normal time at the end of the day

2) Assist rugby tackling a wife (Wife Swap) as she tried to run down a hotel corridor. She didn't want to do it any longer and was trying to "escape" but we couldn't let her leave as we were in the middle of nowhere and needed to organise and go through the correct people. Not as bad as it sounds.

3) Drive around the English Countryside at sunrise attempting to find road kill

4) Buy lunches for half of London

5) Clean up after lazy, messy Creatives who are too self important to do it themselves

6) Put lunch together for Jamie Oliver. That was nerve wracking as I'd only starting working for him

7) Act as a Chauffeur for talent on numerous shows

8) Get to party in the Green Room at The British Comedy Awards after working my arse off all evening

9) Wheel a life size cut out of a Zebu down a main road between our offices

10) Sit for a week in a back room of a store waiting to catch Shoplifters on camera. We didn't and it was boring. Especially as the Director had BO

11) Sleep on a couch for 3 hours a night for 12 days and drive talent around during the day. I almost killed us all but nearly got fired for complaining.

TV is so glamorous isn't it?


phillygirl said...

Dare I ask what that road kill was for ;)
Also, I presume you were looking for already-dead road kill and not driving around hoping for some poor unsuspecting animal to wander aimlessly across your path for you to mow down??

The Divine Miss M said...

Well not officially. And interestingly enough in the UK it is illegal to pick up roadkill that you have run over yourself. You can have someone follow you and pick it up but you can not do it yourself. Weird things I know.

Actually it was for a documentary we did for the BBC on a man who eats roadkill and forages for food. We were looking for already dead animals officially.

Sweetass RSA said...

somebody eats road kill???......oh my word...sis!!!...

wow...quite an interesting list...unbelievable what us humans will do not to get a parking!

Mrs said...

I can't top your list. Though, as a good friend of mine always says, these things build character.

The Divine Miss M said...

Sounds like Calvin and Hobbes ;)

Lopz said...

Am having second thoughts on sending you my cv Miss M! ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

Lopz - this was in the past couple of years now I just do things like

1) argue with IT
2) set up shoots
3) book people flights
4) organise their lives

All very tame ;)

Richard said...

Sounds like your average day at the office :P

The Divine Miss M said...

Richard - yup, but organising Creative's lives is very exhausting!

Lopz said...

what a relief, I was going to tell you your job is too exciting (read: insane) for the likes of me, but now I can rest assured; it's just your typical superwoman doing 27 things at once - no worries! ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

Lopz - you know how co-ordinators have it. We're expected to literally accomplish 100 things a day and still smile sweetly ;)

sugar007 said...

Oh I love the road kill one. Oh I have another one, I once had to drive 5 miles because the 'talent' (I use the word loosely) wanted proper coffee because the granulated type that everyone else was having was not good enough. What really pissed me off was the fact that this guy was not even a celebrity in anyway shape or form. I think the high point of his career was this shoot which was just really a showreel for the director, so he was milking it for all it was worth.