Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The Perks

My life can be very surreal sometimes.

This evening, as I leave work, I get to walk down a red carpet with fans crushed against barriers outside of our office. A show is being filmed here tonight in the studios and the front to our office has been turned into a regal entrance for celebrities and "special people". Unfortunately as staff we need to leave that way so for a moment in time I get to feel famous and bask in the cries of adoring fans and flashing cameras.

I wish I'd worn my good clothes today. I might go put on some makeup - you never know who you might see.


Mrs said...

ah...sounds AWESOME!TV always sounds so much more glamourous than newspapers.
The perks...

The Divine Miss M said...

Yes, cept I was cheated last night

Afrikaans Bouncer: Ekscus me madaam. Kan you please walk the other way.

I had to walk the back exit and not on the red carpet. Big let down. BUT tourist star spotting where still gacking at me as I was leaving the building.

Hahaha I work there and you don't!

Spear said...

Your job does sound great. I don't envy you entering the long gloomy English winter now though. We had a lorralorralorra (is Cilla Black still on TV over there?) rain in currently not so Sunny South Africa, but everything is Green. It is definitely still spring, but the promise of summer is undeniable now.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Jammer my comment is so lank.

When I used to live in the UK, I missed the obvious SA things. Many of which has come more readily available in the UK, I believe.

I checked your other blog as well. Just finished a book by Ken Follet, and Jeffrey Deaver before that. If kalahari.net makes good on their promise, I'll start with Lois McMaster Bujold tonight.