Monday, 15 October 2007

What the?!

Monday mornings are never the best place for me and this morning was especially bad. After getting myself way too worked up from last nights rugby match (GO SOUTH AFRICA GO!) I couldn't sleep properly and this morning I felt like I was only functioning on reserve cylinders.

So after eventually dragging myself to work I walked into the office and noticed the most bizarre item. We have a blowup kangaroo wearing a spiked dog collar chain at the far end of the office. Now if that wasn't weird enough the kangaroo also has a "baby kangaroo" sticking out of it's stomach but the manufacturing company didn't place it correctly so unfortunately it looks as if the kangaroo has a baby shaped penis which bobs up and down. It is thoroughly disturbing and it keeps looking at me with the coy smile it has plastered across it's face.

Apparently someone sent it over to us as a present. Do they not like us?


MidniteGem said...

Ok that is just weird!!! Me thinks a swift kick out the window is in order...or a safty pin to the eye would work too...mwahahaha hahaha

The Divine Miss M said...


Got to keep it "alive" until tomorrow as I want to take a picture of the absurd thing!

MidniteGem said...

ohhhh - pictures are always good !! I have to see this thing !

Steven said...

*this is what happens when you so bisy you forgot what you wanted to comment on* ... oh!

take a pic!!! i would kill to see :)

Star & said...

Its sounds sooooooooooo cool..Can I have it!!*pleads with big googly brown eyes and bats lashes*