Tuesday, 30 October 2007

I'm just so cool

I can not believe what I managed to do this afternoon. I'm just so cool.

My colleague and I snuck into Celine Dion's rehearsal in the studio's for this evenings show. We watched her sing, standing on the stage without any makeup, before we got kicked out.

Security: Do you have a crew pass?

Miss M: Excuse me?

Security: Do you have a crew pass?

Colleague: I'm sorry I can't quite hear you

Security: *getting impatient* Do the two of you have crew passes?

Miss M: Crew passes?

Security: You need crew passes to be standing here

Colleague: Oh, no we don't

Security: The two of you will have to leave

Miss M: Damn.

Hey, we managed to stall him for a further 30 seconds to a minute pretending we couldn't understand him.

We did manage to see the Diva herself though and she sounds beautiful!


Sweetass RSA said...

cool you are...jealous!!!

The Divine Miss M said...

I know ;) I'm so cool!

Mrs said...

That IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's coming to SA next year.
And I probably won't be here.

*Curses Loudly*