Monday, 22 October 2007

Oh the joy

We won, we won, we won, we won, we won!

And it was not a try. If I hear one more of my colleagues discuss "The Try that Never Was" I shall seriously slap one of them.

The English are such sore losers. They're trying to instigate that we only won because their try was disallowed. Such a load of rubbish. His foot was on the line before he touched the ball down! Stupid English.

Well they can not take away the glory and the fact that we are World Champions by our sheer hard work.

Speaking of hard work my day is shaping up to be another one like Friday. We're filming none stop this week and there is a lot to set up for these shoots. I am stuck in call sheet hell.

For those of you who do not know what a call sheet is, it is a lovely word document with every single piece of information that the lovely Creative crew could ever need; from references for their taxis to the nearest A&E to where they are filming. These documents take forever to put together as the information is constantly changing and we are constantly tweaking them. They are bane of the Producton teams life but there really is no better feeling than putting the shoot together, handing the call sheet over and watching it run so smoothly that you just have to pat yourself on the back.

Unfortunately this morning didn't run too smoothly. Our travel agent gave us the wrong references for the train tickets ergo crew didn't get on the correct train which means that we are over an hour behind schedule which messes with everything as now Cameraman have to be paid overtime and the talent is all pissed off as they've organised their day around this too.

And people wonder why I'm so anal about time and sticking to the schedule!


Mr R Rabbit said...

Despite being English, I have to agree. I do think the try should've been allowed as it would've been a closer game then, and everyone loves a close game, but I honestly don't think it would've made a difference to the final result.

Oh, and don't group all of us in with those crying about it. Personally I'm vaguely happy we got as far as we did, happy for South Africa to've won, and have so far had two arguments with fans in denial about whether they'd've won had the try been permitted.

So well done to South Africa, but it should've been a closer game. :-p

lordwiggly said...

Hey Miss M, you got an email address? Ill send you a photo clearly showing the okes foot was on the line, just to remove any doubt from your colleagues' minds. (or mail me at

The Divine Miss M said...

@Wiggly - someone already sent it to me actually ;) I have forwarded it on to almal here at the office!

Or are you just trying to get me to mail you? :P

Anonymous said...

Since the English are so stupid, please feel free to fuck off back to South Africa and work in television over there at any time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's right. You wouldn't have quite so jolly a time working in television over there, would you?