Thursday, 18 October 2007

I do love my job

I realised earlier today that I might actually give my job and my industry a bad name with all of my complaining. This is not the case at all. I do love my job, in fact every single day I realise how lucky I am to actually be working in this industry and be making a name and path through it.

How many other people get to work in an industry which is so flexible and entertaining? Every single day is different and I get to do such a range of things. One day I might be doing boring paperwork in the office but the next day I could be out at some strange location making sure everything runs smoothly on the shoot. I've gotten to travel around England and I've met some amazing people with whom I've developed good friendships. Here are some of the perks of my job

1) We start at 10am. Being in the office at 9/930am is considered early

2) There is no set dress code, the wackier the outfit the more acceptable it is

3) We're all loud, funny and generally laugh our way through work - there is no silence in this office

4) Celeb spotting is a sport

5) Liquid lunches and extended lunch breaks happen all too often

6) We travel an awful lot to shoots and all the expenses get covered

7) Saying where you work for opens up many doors and the offer of free goodies

8) People get jealous when you tell them what you do for a living and they think that you're way cooler than you actually are

9) I'm constantly changing companies and there is no fear of people thinking that my CV is "bitsy" - in fact the more companies you work for the more people respect you

10) When I type frenetically at my blog people actually think I'm working

Seriously people, I love my job


Mr R Rabbit said...

I need a job like that, just without the work stuff.

lordwiggly said...

Sounds pretty cool! They say if you enjoy your job you'll never work a day in your life. Now isn't that the ticket?!

DelBoy said...

Sounds great. I especially love the last one 'cos that's me! I'm the only person in the office with internet (for "research" purposes), so when I blog people think I'm working!

The Divine Miss M said...

@wiggly - That is the theory, I mean there are some days where I probably do hate it with a passion but the good ones definitely out weight the bad ones :)

@delboy - We all use the internet for "research" purposes ... we also keep getting emails coming round telling us how we're not allowed to access porn but that too many people are. I mean really, who looks at porn during work hours?!

Mrs said...

Sounds like you've been doing some introspection!!!Great...

chitty said...

I love my job too, especially now that I'm leaving for greener pastures.
My CV is well on the way to becoming a short novel. Flaunt it, while you can, right?

Lopz said...

I was never in any doubt that you love your job, you know why? Because you talk it about it all the time, and you love to regale us with amusing things, both good and bad, that have happened to you.

If you hated it more than you loved it, your posts would be a lot more derisive and angry. As it is, they are just fabulously disbelieving at the frequent insanity of your industry.

And you totally seem cool cos you work in tv ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

That is because I am so totally cool ;)

Actually no I was one of the "uncool" kids which really pisses off most of the "cool" kids from my year in uni that I'm actually managing to work in TV in London ;)

Lopz said...

You go girl - us nerds will show those popular kids! said...

Of course you love your job - you'd never survive it if you didn't. I can just picture those UCT snobs trying to hide their dismay at hearing about your fab life. All they've (probably) achieved is to perfect the ultimate fake tan and improve on matching their toenails to their bags...