Monday, 29 October 2007

Mr. Plett strikes again

So I came into the office this morning after a busy weekend and as soon as I sat down my phone rang

Miss M: Hello Miss Miss speaking

Mr. Plett: Hi Miss M, I'm just calling because we have a slight problem

Miss M: *warily* Slight problem?

Mr. Plett: Our visa's haven't arrived yet this morning so we can't leave on the plane this afternoon

Miss M: *shit* Ok, when our Travel Co-Ordinator spoke to you on Friday she said you said everything was fine?

Mr. Plett: It was, we thought our visa's were coming through this morning.

Miss M: So we need to change your flights? We'll look into it. Have you contacted the embassy?

Mr. Plett: We're working on it. Everything will be fine we just need to change the flights.

The entire office starts cursing all South Africans

Does this man not realise how expensive and difficult it is to change International flights 5 hours before people are supposed to depart? Would calling us earlier have been better? Would us knowing on Friday that the visa's weren't there yet have been a good thing?

Seriously, how can someone be THIS chilled out?


DelBoy said...

I think that you need to explain to your office that not ALL South Africans are like that. Only the ones from Plett, Knysna, Jeffreys Bay, etc, etc

Sweetass RSA said...

he's taking this a little too far... i agree with delboy...but then again, they won't believe you!

The Divine Miss M said...

They're just playing with me. They know how anal I am about things and that I am a South African :)

I'm waiting to hear the update today ... I wonder if they're getting on the plane

Toby Hanks said... badly do you need this guy? can't you tell him to go fug himself what with all the problems he's causing?
I mean seriously, how can you one person be so incosiderate? It's not even being laid-back; it's just being damn rude.

Lopz said...

Ha ha, he was SO a surfer in his younger years! Probably smoked himself stupid as well. And herewith the negative side of the Great South African Chill Out.... sometimes you need a bit of Londoner in you ;-)