Monday, 22 October 2007

One more thing

Exciting news - we moved desks this morning and I have an even better view and ... wait for it ... A RADIO on my desk!!!

This means of course that I'm listening to music whilst doing my call sheet and happily singing along. Now I do not have the best voice on earth so I think I'm torturing my colleagues.

It's alright though, they're English and deserve it ;)


Sweetass RSA said...

a radio! why don't you amuse your sour english colleagues with songs like:
hier kom die bokke..ladadidadida...
we so won!!! go bokke!!...they made me so proud...sniff

The Divine Miss M said...

I remember singing that on Saturday night, someone put the CD on in the pub we were at. Was amusing.

They might lynch me though, I am severly out numbered. I'm the only South African.

Toby Hanks said...

Ha,ha. Sing that Leon songs meisie! Or that (annoying) Brian Habana song. That should drive them nuts. They made so many mistakes and pulled cheap shots but we still won them fair and square. Losers!!!

The Divine Miss M said...

I'm having my own amusement by every so often saying



Everyone really is so worked up about it here ;)

DelBoy said...

And even if it was a try (WHICH IT WASN'T!!!!), they still would have lost 'cos Jet Shoes Habana would have scored one back for the Boks! Bokke, Bokke, Bokke!!