Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Whoopsies, what a mess up

Today I thought that I would focus on the mistakes and fuck ups that I have incurred in this wonderful industry. These range from

1) Oversleeping and missing collecting the crew

2) Almost having contributors miss their flight as I got the times incorrect

3) Purchasing some expensive flights to Berlin and then realising that I bought them for the wrong day. The airline didn't have a refund system.

But ultimately I think that the worst fuck up that I managed to do is the following.

I was working for a very well known Celebrity Chef on his latest show and we were dealing with some sensitive footage that the lawyers were checking over to make sure they could air it. I was responsible for couriering the footage to the lawyer and she asked me to send it to her home address with permission to post through the door.

I did this.

The next day she called me up asking where the DVD was as she never received it. The courier company said that they'd delivered it. Turns out I sent it to the wrong house. Panic stations. Imagine if the press got hold of an unaired show of his without the correct editing? Oh my god. I seriously thought I was going to be fired and ostracised from the industry. I even went round to the address it was delivered at but could never get hold of the people there. For weeks I lived in fear of reading about it in the newspaper but thankfully I never did.

We never did tell him or the Exec.


Lopz said...

Pahahaha, brilliant. I think your next post should be about how you managed to get yourself out of these sticky situations: you can preside over the class How To Fuck Up and Not Get Fired 101.

The Divine Miss M said...

I basically just prayed. When I realised what had happened I swear I thought that I was going to throw up, the entire world swirled and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I wouldn't be much of a teacher!

Mr R Rabbit said...

I always wondered what that DVD that popped through my door was. I wonder where it got to.

What's it worth to you now?

The Divine Miss M said...

Absolutely nothing, the show was on air earlier this year ;)

But about 10 months ago I would have done just about ANYTHING to get that back!

toby hanks said...

Hee, hee. So you never managed to get the DVD back?

The Divine Miss M said...

@Toby - nope, have never seen it since which means that 10 months on it is still floating around somewhere, or in someone's garbage