Thursday, 11 October 2007

Excuse Me?

Emailed received this afternoon

Hi Miss M

Can you order some A4 notebooks with hard spines for the Prod Manager in Australia please. I'm going on Monday and can take them with me. She doesn't like the ones they have there - spiral spines and all.


Excuse me? Do they not sell stationary in Australia? Why can she not get them there? HOW STUPID!!!


lecturer lady said...

Heya Miss M,
You know the problem here is that the person who sent you the email didn't find it ridiculous enough to refute... seriously... paper is paper, a person can make a plan! Importing notebooks... I'm surprised they haven't asked for soap and for you to find a way to smuggle feather pillows into the country yet!

The Divine Miss M said...

Shush! Don't even joke, they might hear you!!!!!

phillygirl said...

Makes one wonder how everyone else is Australia is currently coping with out these fabled hard-spined notebooks :P

Best she take along some other British staple requirements like ball-point pens, magic markers and the like - no doubt they don't have that down there in the land of the convict either!

Pahahahahaha. Will the ridiculousness never cease?

The Divine Miss M said...

Probably not :(

Richard said...

They need your book buying expertise! Without you, they'd be lost in a sea of inadequate quality notebooks!

You are the notebook goddess!

Lopz said...

This is without a doubt my favourite post on your blog. ;-)

It sends the previously high levels of ridiculousness soaring into the stratosphere..... hard spine notebooks? Yes, because we're all at such a loss without them, how do we cope? You are obviously a saint, on par with Mother Theresa in your mission to provide the world (or just Australians) with the stationary they so desperately need.

Hold your head up high hun, you are MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

The Divine Miss M said...

Oh Lopz you really just made my day - it is horribly busy and stressful yet you've made me laugh.

Mind you it was a rather hysterical laugh and now my colleagues think I'm losing my mind but it's all good :)