Thursday, 24 January 2008

Strange time to pray

So I discovered something very random at work today on one of my walkabouts - we have a Contemplation/Prayer Room* on the 1st floor.

The mind boggles. What exactly do we need a Contemplation/Prayer Room for? Not only that but it is stashed away down some strange corridor right at the back of the 1st floor - I couldn't even find it. Perhaps it is like the Room of Requirements in Harry Potter, where it only appears when you really need a place to either pray or contemplate?

But why would you need to pray or contemplate whilst at work? Is our industry so stressful that employees actually have reason to go and pray during work hours?

I can just see it now

Researcher: On their knees staring up at the logo of the company Oh please, please, please let me keep my job. I promise it was only a minor fuck up, I'll do better next time!

Producer: Hands desperately clenched and head bowed to the floor I know that the viewing figures were low on last nights show but it wasn't my fault! We were pitted against Big Brother!

Runner: Tears streaming down their face I didn't meant to spill that tea on the Executive Producer! I really need this job, please let me keep it.

This would be me

Miss M: Honest innocent expression I desperately need this new contract; I'll do anything, and I really do mean anything ...

What do you think? Does that sound like what a Contemplation/Prayer Room would be used for in a major TV Production Company?

Or do people really suddenly feel the urge to go and commune with their God during work hours?

I think that's just an excuse to not want to work - like a cigarette break - except it would be considered discrimination not to allow people to pray if they need too.


*It is actually labelled like that - Comtemplation/Prayer Room


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Firstly. Weird.
Secondly. How did you find this room in the first place?
Thirdly. You're hysterical.
Fourthly. Amen.

The Divine Miss M said...

I didn't find the room! I've tried twice now!

There is a sign pointing you in the direction of it but I can't find it!

Hence why I think it is like Harry Potter's Room of Requirements.


Lopz said...

*sighs and shakes head in despair* No, silly girl, the prayer room is for those who NEED to pray during working hours, cos their religion demands frequent prayer times!" Such as muslims. We had one in my old office as well, but it was such a trip cos the entire room was made of glass. So if you did actually use it, everyone who was not religiously inclined could gawk at you while you communed with your maker. That's maybe why I never saw anyone use it ;-)

PS Will call you later... mobile battery died and I don't have your number anywhere else.

The Divine Miss M said...

Lopz - where is your imagination? I prefer my prayer room so much more ;)

Looking forward to hearing from you, I'm so glad your passport stuff came through! *hugs*

Lopz said...

I prefer your prayer room too! x

Unemployed panic said...

Oh PULEEEEEEEEZ.... it's a room for people to get high or stoned in!!! That's why it's a contemplation room!

The Divine Miss M said...

@unemployed panic - I so like your thinking! ;)

MsMozi said...

I can understand the prayer part - but contemplation? Is that so that they aren't discriminating against atheists & agnostics? Amazing... I always found the bar across the road the best place for contemplation... maybe that's where the sign's pointing?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ooooh!! Blondie must learn to read! hahahaha!! Get yourself a wand and an owl. Maybe, if you get that the room will suddenly appear! *Twilight music...ahem Harry Potter music plays*

Anonymous said...

We also have a contemplation/prayer room, but we call ours "the toilet".

Elise said...

You have a prayer room?!

It must be the Church's idea of getting more people to pray. "2in1 Pray and Work Deal"

Unless you've done something really, really bad and you need help I don't think a prayer room is necessary. I guess its for the Researcher, Producer and the poor young Runner.

Maybe they requested it. Got some kind of petition together while you weren't looking.