Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Deja Vu

0745am alarm clock goes off

Miss M gets out of bed, showers, gets dressed, eats breakfast and departs for work

0920am Miss M gets on her train

0945am Miss M arrives at the office and stands in the queue to get into the lift

Miss M arrives on the 10th floor and walks to her desk

Miss M throws her bag down, logs in to her computer and says hi to everyone

Miss M makes a cup of coffee and sits down to read her blogs


Hang on ... isn't this 2008? Haven't I finished on this show? I don't sit here anymore?! What's going on?!

Apparently I'm back sitting at my old desk, working with my old colleagues on my old show. It is the strangest feeling of deja vu ever, it really is as if I never left and had a month long holiday. In some ways it is fantastic as I've actually really missed these people - but in other ways it feels like I haven't moved on at all and my wonderful holiday is about to become a distance memory.

On the plus side I'm no longer having to watch babies being brought into the world!

I still can't erase that image from my mind though.

P.s: I've been reunited with Steve! He got deflated for the holidays and I'm trying to gain up the energy to blow him back up again. (Somehow that sentence looked better in my head)


sweetass RSA said...

steve...LOL... i've forgotten about steve... who deflated him???

MsMozi said...

Hold on... you start work at 10am??? Even though this probably means that you ended up working late into the night - I'm such a fan of the idea of the 7:45 wake up. That's it, I'm packing my bags and moving to London.

Ruby said...

i've been negotiating with my boss to change my working hours from *:30 to 17:00 (even though I always end up working until about 19:00 anyway) to 9:30 - 18:00

I'll b able to sleep late, miss would be great! thank goodness you won't be watching any more of those horrendous movies and feel the urge to share them with us!.....still suffering the effects of the last one!

Ruby said...

oh, by the way......the boss won't budge on changing my working hours *sigh*

The Divine Miss M said...

@sweetass - My colleague deflated him just before she finished for Christmas incase anyone stole him!

@msmozi - yes I start at 10 ... hehehe, but keep in mind that the travel is about 45 minutes door to door and that I invariably end up working late. The official hours are 930-6 but we usually start round 10am just because ;)

@ruby - I'm so sorry to hear that! Grr to him. Slip some laxative in his coffee as punishment! ;)

Lopz said...

Hold on a sec... so you're working on the same show again? They're making a new series of it that soon?

The Divine Miss M said...

No Lopz, I'm helping out with all the tidying up of the show. They are in post production with the International version and tallying up all the reports. Lots of finicky things that you don't realise go on behind the scenes.

I'm strangely busy.

lordwiggly said...

So...did Steve enjoy being blown? Back up, that is.

P.S. I'm back.

The Divine Miss M said...

@lordwiggly - I think he enjoyed it a great deal ... he has a smirk on his face that wasn't there before! ;)

I'm so glad you're back!