Wednesday, 16 January 2008

I promise I wasn't smoking Mum

The office that I work in has 22 floors and there are two times of the day when these elevators are in constant demand - Office Rush Hour. At these times the lifts will basically stop on every single floor on the way up and on the way down. It is incredibly frustrating and when all I want to do is leave the building I can feel my blood pressure climbing higher and higher at every single floor. And I only have 10 to go down, imagine being on the 22nd floor!

The elevators are the most quiet place in the whole building. Sometimes I wish that I could stop one between floors, drag my desk into it and work from there - but that wouldn't really be practical on so many levels would it? (haha I amuse myself)

So last night I got into a completely packed elevator on my floor and prepared myself for the long descent.

Now has anyone ever noticed how no one speaks in an elevator? You just stare at the screen displaying which floor we are arriving at or passing. Now I don't know why but I found this highly amusing last night.

Finds her spot in the elevator by jamming a couple of smaller people with her elbows

Spots a colleague at the far end of the elevator and waves politely; neither of us actually speak to one another

Miss M decides to look around the rest of the elevator

Miss M realises that EVERYONE is staring at the little screen except her

Miss M starts to giggle

Floor 9

Miss M starts to giggle louder

Floor 7

Miss M has almost reached a point of hysterics

Floor 5

Miss M actually has tears running down her cheeks with the effort of trying not to laugh any harder


I have never seen people depart an elevator so fast in their life nor with such scared expressions on their faces.

And I still have no idea what I found so funny.


sweetass RSA said...

that can get totally crazy... the more people don't laugh with you the funnier "it" gets... LOL

Alex said...

I get that too, but it's often while driving in my car. Something sets me off and I sit there laughing myself stupid while the person in the car next to me changes radio stations trying to find the one I must be listening to ...

MidniteGem said...

It is called the Giggiloop - it is when in inappropriate times you start giggiling and the the loop grows bigger and bigger. (this is from the great series Coupling - one of the funniest episodes!)

The Divine Miss M said...

@sweetass - Yup, even though there isn't even anything funny in the first place!

@alex - Oh I must try that sometime ...

@Gem - I love the fact that there is a term for this! However it once happened to me at a friends mother's funeral, was horrid. Apparently I also giggle when I get really nervous ...

MsMozi said...

I also do this all the time – the last time was at a wedding – the more inappropriate the laughter is, the more uncontrollable it becomes. Work conferences are a popular choice too.

The Divine Miss M said...

@Mzmosi - you are so right! It is like as soon as I realise that it is inappropriate I just can't stop.

What a pair we'd make ...

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Wahahah!!! I remember getting an email years ago on the top 10 things to do in a lift.
I can't remember all of them, but the one that stood out for me; the one I've always wanted to try out but either forget or don't have the balls (um?) to, is:
Be in a crowded lift with a big handbag. Open the zip a little so the bag is not fully open and then say irritably: "Ssssh!! Keep Quiet!!"

HAHAHAHA!! I guess I amuse myself too! LOL

The Divine Miss M said...

@blonde bombshell - oh my gosh! I so want to try that!!

My housemate and I were on an overly crowded tube once and she suddenly went

"Oh my god Miss M, have you seen the snake anywhere?!"

We both burst into hysterical laughter before anyone panicked and left the train. However I wish we hadn't and really pretended like there had been a snake.


sugar007 said...

Blonde- I wish I had the balls to try that one. That sounds right up my street!!

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

I always sniff, like I find someone really stinky.

watch how uncomfortable people get, thinking that it might be them who has the smelliness that offends me..

or, now that i have a pram, i bash them or ride over their feet. without apologising. it's the greatest.

Lopz said...

Giggiloop? Fantastic, I'm going to tell everyone there is a term for this. Have you noticed that these forbidden laughs are among the best laughs you will ever have.... they're bellyaching, teary-eyed, hysterical fits that leave you breathless and weak. Excellent stuff, can't wait for my next one!

Globus said...

indeed, in the same building, someone, somewhere is doubtless blogging about the nutter woman he was with in the lift who wouldn't stop cackling. work colleagues are emotionally scarred from less ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

@globus - oh my god! That would be brilliant!

Thanks for stopping by :)

@lopz - They are the best laughs, and I just felt so happy and light after having one