Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Mobile Phone Club

I do wonder about the sanity levels of our floor sometimes. Today we created The Mobile Phone Club which only people with bluetooth on their phones could join. We spent an enjoyable half an hour "toothing" different ring tones to each other - Airwolf, NightRider, Murder She Wrote and Macgyver.

What occurred afterwards was what honestly made me ponder our sanity. Three 30 odd year old people and me participated in this.

Colleague 1: I know, let's all play our machine gun clips at the same time. It will sound like we're having a gunfight

Colleague 2: Naughty giggle Oh cool idea!

Colleague 1: On the count of 3

Colleague 1, 2, 3 and Miss M: Oooone, twooooo, threeeee

Sound of rattling gunfire plays across the office. The four of us jump up and pretend to shoot on another whilst giggling uncontrollably.

Colleague 1: Well that was fun

Then we all returned to work as if nothing had happened. Because weird things like this happen every day in our special corner.

Yesterday we tormented our Line Manager with a gigantic plastic spider as she is terrified of them.

I love my office.

On another note I got given a present of a new desk friend today.


Frank is a bright pink pig who is filled with bean bag stuffing. He is now sitting next to Steve and Pinkie (my colleagues desk friend who I'm babysitting whilst she is away - who strangely enough is actually green).

The other show who sit behind us think that we are all mental. I swear we're normal. I promise!


MidniteGem said...

Normality is for LOSERS!!!

Anonymous said...

I want a PICTURE of your desk!

The Divine Miss M said...

@gem - I agree ;)

@anonymous - I might take a picture tomorrow and post it if I remember to bring the cable for the phone!

kyknoord said...

Maybe the other show just don't "get" the whole '80s TV show vibe.