Monday, 21 January 2008

Miss M is tired and cranky

I'm tired and cranky today. This does not make for a good working environment with me. Apparently I am shooting people dirty looks if they ask me for anything. It does seem to be working in a positive way for me though as now no one is asking me to do anything. It could come back to bite me in the ass, but at the moment I am going to roll with it.

Production Manager: Miss M can you calculate the costs from the post production edit we did last week on the International Show?

Prolonged silence which involves Miss M turning around in slow motion with a death ray look aimed at the Manager

Production Manager: You feeling alright Miss M?

Miss M: I'm just a bit tired from the weekend

Production Manager: Nervous titter in her voice Oh okay, well if you're not feeling up to it I can sort it out

Silence whilst Miss M tries to work this one out in her head - she's offering to do my work even though she's my superior? Damn this death ray thing really works!

Miss M: I can do it, just a little tired today ....

Production Manager: No worries, I'll do it later

SWEET! I have found my secret manipulative weapon! Be a cranky bitch!

But I suppose tomorrow I should do some work otherwise they might fire my ass ...

The interview went well. I now really want the job, which isn't a good thing because it probably means that the Gods of Jobs will feed me back some nasty karma and laugh in my face.

Gods of Jobs: How much do you want this job Miss M?

Miss M: Desperately, it's the perfect job for me and it's permanent which means I get a regular salary and can go on more holidays!

Gods of Jobs: Well then, just because of that we are making sure you don't get it.

Miss M: What?


Well that's how I see it in my own head.

I'm waiting to hear if I got to the second round of interviewing - apparently then I'd get to meet all 4 of the directors and charm the pants off of them.

Well perhaps not charm the pants entirely off of them, that might lead to an awkward situation.

Miss M: Seems you've lost your pants there, can I offer you some sort of service?

Directors: Gaaah!


Okay, I'm leaving now. My imagination is getting carried away and I think I need more coffee.



TBHanks said...

Good luck Miss M. I'll hold thumbs and alles that you get that job. Screw the God of Jobs - he's probably too busy with Eskom's directors now anyway...

The Divine Miss M said...

@tbhanks - thanks hon, me too! I also think he is busy screwing over those banking directors here in London who make way too much money, along with EMI. He probably don't have time for little ol me ;)

Lopz said...

Well, you know the god of jobs and I don't have the best relationship ever. In fact, he made it his personal mission to royally screw me over for four months. However, I do believe that he has had his fill of messing with the little people, and is now fucking with Obama and Hilary Clinton. So don't stress it, and best of luck - I'm holding thumbs for you all the way ;-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Muhahahhahhha!!! You are funny...yes, um losing your pants in an interview has worked for some...look at Monica Blewinsky!
I personally DON'T recognise it...although it could amuse the God of Jobs. Gosh it's so bloody confusing isn't???

The Blonde Blogshell said...

PS> Good luck sugar!

The Divine Miss M said...

@lopz - thanks sweetheart, and I'm holding those thumbs for you and your passport! I am hoping the God of Jobs treats me well, but you never know. I'm trying to be extra polite to him ;)

@blonde blogshell - Mmmhhh ... perhaps I should do a "Monica", wonder if it would work ...
Thanks for the good luck wishes!

Ruby said...

good luck Miss m!!! I'm sure you'll go through to the second round! Just give the God of Jobs your death ray look:)

sweetass RSA said...

hope you get it!! don't think bad things happen to all good people... a trick that works... laugh right back the god of jobs...!!

The Divine Miss M said...

@ruby - I might try that, in a better mood this morning though!

@sweetass - Thanks hon, I'm really hoping I get it!

Ta for the support guys :)

kyknoord said...

No wonder you're cranky: Coffee-induced psychosis.

Elise said...

Miss M! I think you need to take a break and pamper yourself for a while... Jobs? Pha! They're not worth stressing over xx

The Divine Miss M said...

@elise - funny you should mention that, I'm going for a long weekend to Ireland with midnightgem this weekend :) We have Friday and Monday off. Yey!

The Divine Miss M said...

@kykoord - I'm worse today, add some sugared krispy kreme donuts to the mix ;)

MidniteGem said...

YAY - long weekend away soon !!! Def needed :) Am following you on the weird sugar induced psychosis that today has brought on...think that is why i'm all woozy and stuff.
I just want to go away NOW.

And your so going into the second round of interviews !
If not i'll send lovely bf around to break their knee caps Irish style !

(yes i'm have a weird mood of my own today - maybe I should get onto my blog and write some random shit! )

The Divine Miss M said...

@midnightgem - You are aren't you? I'm still waiting to hear! hehehe

Lovely Boyfriend shall be dispatched if they do not give me the job ;)