Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Itchy Feet and Random Researchers

I decided to take Friday and Monday off work and have a long weekend away in Ireland with my friend Gem. Work had been beginning to take its toll and the rejection from the permanent position actually knocked me quite a bit so Gem and I thought a break would be quite nice. (plus her Lovely Boyfriend is away at the moment climbing a large mountain and she needed the distraction) I am rather full of myself when it comes to what I do - perhaps that is why I didn't get it?

Well the weekend did the world of good - minus the slight cold I brought back - and I am back in the office today working my pretty behind off on a new food series for one of the terrestrial channels. I'm just covering for someone whilst she has a well deserved break in Brazil - the lucky bitch - so it means that I am working two shows at the moment and it can be quite hectic. I don't really know who to answer to these days!

I'm in love with Ireland though; I love the people, I love the countryside, I love the lifestyle and now I think I want to move there. I want to meet an Irish boy and put down roots in a tiny Irish village. I want my children to have the accent and I want to wear green and white with pride. Unfortunately I do not think there is much of a need for TV Production staff in Ireland! Perhaps I'll just find a rich boy to marry and have lots of children.

On a different note I just made an idiot out of myself with one of the Researchers. We'll call him Winking Researcher as he winked at me whilst in the elevator the other day.

Now he isn't anything special but apparently I babble when I'm face to face with him. I have no idea why but I lose control of my tongue.

Today I managed to babble about the pet dog I had growing up, my love of cats, where I live in London, why I live there, where does he live, what did he do on the weekend, how strange I am, and how I am sick. He just nodded every so often whilst I babbled constantly and picked away at some paper at the printer.

I'm strange.

Or perhaps it is the cold and flu capsules I've been taking.

I think I scare him.


Anonymous said...

Wow... Ireland... so whisking away from the area of rejection helps?!! I think I might take a leaf out of your page... when I'm finished with my research! Although I'm going to have to stick to the same country on my unemployed budget!

About the babbling... keep it up-lets call it an experiment and see what happens to him!!!

The Divine Miss M said...

The experiment ... I like it ... I shall try it again tomorrow and will keep you posted on the outcome ;)

DelBoy said...

Ireland is fantastic! And they play rugby too. Only thing missing would be the sun and the braais...

The Divine Miss M said...

Ireland has sun too Delboy! Perhaps 3 days out of the year? :P

Anonymous said...

At least you only babble. He has a facial tic.

MidniteGem said...

LOL - cold and flu stuff can be evil ! Plus you do have a tendancy to babble anyway :P

OH and thanks for the awesome weekend away and distraction :)

The Divine Miss M said...

@kyknoord - You're just soooo funny.

@Gem - You're right, I do tend to babble. I have no idea where the words come from, they just appear and constantly keep coming out. I can't stop them, it's like a disease. It just goes on for ever and ever and ever and then I can't stop because it just seems weird to have silence after talking for so long and then I panic and I continue talking about stupid things and I just can't stop.

Hey look, I can do it in writing too. What you know.

Elise said...

Thats so funny! I hate it when I babble.. I'm aware that I'm doing it I just can't stop.

I wish I was there to see you though Must have been comedy.xx