Wednesday, 2 January 2008

I'm baaack!!!

I made it back to London safe and sound after a truly wonderful break in Cape Town. It was so good to catch up with all of my friends; pity though that some of them decided that I wasn't important enough to see - you really learn who your friends are when you move away and let's just say that I know who I'm striking off my Christmas list for future years!

The sunshine was glorious, in most parts the company was fantastic and I must say that landing back in cold, dreary and rainy London was not my most favoured moment, however being home has had some delights. My housemate graciously downloaded Heroes for me and now I am completely addicted (I know, I know, I'm a late starter but I was really busy at work!) along with all the seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Ah, the joys of being unemployed.

Okay so I'm not really unemployed but I don't start my new contract until Monday.

But I'm not really looking forward to going back. I'll have not worked for a month and the idea of returning makes me panic slightly. I'll tell you that it did take quite a while to relax - for the first couple of days I was really antsy and all I wanted to do was get back in the office and do some work. I desperately wanted to talk to my colleagues, I wanted to know what was going on and the idea of waking up every single morning without any worries or stress was hard to handle. In fact I was stressing over the lack of stress.

But I got over it. Boy did I get over it. The sound of the alarm clock is but a distant memory and I'm just taking every single day as it comes - why plan anything at all?

Oh god how am I going to handle Monday?!


sweetass RSA said...

you're back!!! so glad you enjoyed CT! i too had a bad friend experience recently, sucks big time! welcome back !!

The Divine Miss M said...

Aw thanks Sweetass :) I'm glad to be back too.

Happy New Year and all that ;)

sugar007 said...

Welcome back!! I understand what you say about going home and meeting up with friends. Things change..

vixen said...

it's always good when you can weed out the bad friends...

happy new year!

The Divine Miss M said...

@vixen - Happy New Year to you too :)

@Sugar - It's nice to be back!