Monday, 30 March 2009

This is war

We have a guest staying in our house. She is very quiet and she doesn't bother us much as she is mostly active at night but she does have a problem with going to the toilet around the kitchen.

She is a mouse and I have named her Tinkerbell (no idea if she is female but I feel better this way)

We don't see her much, just every so often, but occasionally I find her droppings in the cupboard under the sink and I sometimes hear her in, what I think, is the ceiling.

The other day my housemate saw her in the bathroom upstairs. I genuinely do not know who got more of a fright, him or the mouse, but after a surprisingly girly shriek he came to let me know.

That was the end of it.

Lying in bed all I could think was that Tinkerbell was in my room (it is next to the bathroom) and every sound was her creeping up in to my bed and every itch on my body was her running over me.

I'm not sure if it was the idea of a mouse touching me or just the general shock of the idea of someone (thing) being in my bed as it has been so long but whatever it was I have now declared a personal vendetta against Tinkerbell.

We are starting with humane traps and if those don't work we are moving on to poison.

But by these words I swear that this will be the end of Tinkerbell freeloading in my house. She should not have crossed the boundary.

Now it is war.


Elise said...

Get a cat!

I had a mouse in my old house. I saw it scamper across the floor with my kitten in tow. It was like watching a wildlife documentary.


Tricia said...

Best get a female cat if that is your option! It takes a girl to get the job done. My boys will dumbly sit and wait where they last saw the mouse - i.e. running behind the fridge? Yep one cat did a 2 hour stare down of the crack behind the fridge! Meanwhile the mouse came out the other side and frolicked around my house. When I had a girl cat this never happened she realized that they might actually come out the other side!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Don't kill the poor little thing. The link below shows you how to make a human mouse-trap. I recommend using a fruit gum for bait.

kyknoord said...

But if you kill Tinkerbell, who will feed her three dozen babies?

The Divine Miss M said...

@elise & tricia - I want a cat but my housemate is allergic!!!! Plus plus plus in the UK is seems that people are actual responsible enough to get their cats spayed so it costs you like 120 pounds for one! Insane!!!!!

@gorilla bananas - we have the humane traps at the moment but they've been out for 2 days and nothing. However I also haven't seen The Mouse.

The Divine Miss M said...



Sheppitsgal said...

From experience, use peanut butter and chocolate on the traps.

That's all she wrote.

Miss T said...

glory before you kill it maybe name it something horrible to make the deed more palatable like "killer" or "disease carrier".

lol..but seriously..please just trap it :)

Tazeen said...

you are way too kind, if i were you, i would not give her a name as cute as Tinkerbell and would be plotting her evacuation this minutes

Claire said...

M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mice are so sweet :( please don't kill it! Catch it and put it outside in the field. :( mice are so sweet. don't be cruel!

Claire said...

you have honestly completely distressed me out right now.

The Divine Miss M said...

I promise not to kill the mouse!!!!

Annie Valentine said...

Kill the rat. All rodents must die. I used to like bunnies until I found out they're a rodent.