Thursday, 12 March 2009

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No is just stupid Miss M

I wear glasses.

There I've said it. I am not ashamed. I do not want to be part of the perfect 20/20 vision freak club out there.

Mine are for reading and computer work. I used to think that only grannies wear reading glasses but I now realise that ... well ... only old grannies wear reading glasses so I have started wearing mine out and about.

Ok ok the real reason is because my eyes have started hurting and it eases the pain (and the eye stress) to wear them on my way home and anyways I read on the train too

I've recently started noticing some strange looks from fellow commuters. At first I thought it was because I morphed in to an old granny when wearing said glasses but a quick compact check confirmed that I was still a healthy 26. Perhaps my underwear was caught in my skirt? A hurried grope of my behind confirmed, much to the entertainment of the gentleman beside me, that my underwear was not on display.

However yesterday it all clicked in to place after my colleague pointed out to me that I was staring overtly at people.

Miss M: They can see me staring?

Colleague: Well yes, you are staring at them?

Miss M: But I'm wearing my glasses

Colleague: You're not a superhero Miss M. Unlike Clarke Kent I can still see it is you when you're wearing your glasses.

Miss M: Of course not, don't be silly. I have a horrid feeling I thought I was wearing my sunglasses

Colleague: On the tube?

Perhaps I am losing my mind like a little old granny?


kyknoord said...

But you are a super hero. Your power is the ability to see through transparent substances.

po said...

lol at kyknoord. I can do that too!

The Divine Miss M said...

@kyknoord - I can also walk really quickly down the road.

You should see me.

I'm not as a man on a bicycle but definitely faster than wheelchair.

@po - WOW! We should join forces!

Mike said...

Maybe they think you're hot and they want to do you?

Shivz said...

I can picture it all! I even know what expression is on your face!!! I've watched you watch people-does that make me creepier than you??????? It's just your normal filling in the gaps reaction when surrounded by strangers!

boldly benny said...

Ha ha! I've had bad eye sight for most of my life. So, if I decide to go blind and walk around without them, I assume everyone's eye site is as bad as mine!

Miss Tig said...

I used to assume (when I was very little!!) that wearing sunglasses made me invisible..sadly, at 25 I also believed when J took his glasses off he could only see in black and white..

The Divine Miss M said...

@mike - You obviously haven't seen me :P

@shivs - There is a specific look to it isn't there! Waahhahahaha, yes that is fairly sad but don't worry honey I forgives you ;) You're right though, I do tend to stare when surrounded by strangers ...

@bb - Classic, I have learnt though that they don't. They can still see :P

@miss tig - J likes to mess with people doesn't he?

Miss Tig said...

*cough* *blush* problem was that wasnt him messing, that was MY own 100% non influenced belief..

Annie Valentine said...

Your blog makes me want to abandon my family and move to Europe to rock climb with a hot Italian while producing the news (ah, those were the days...).

And I confess to owning glasses. Notice I said owning, not wearing? Why? Because men don't look at me when I have glasses on, and I want them to lust after me. Lust, I say!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

OH. MY. GOD! Not only are you BACK but you've been back for a while!

I finally give up on checking your blog EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and when I blog! Hilarious!!
F*%# I'm thrilled!! Wooohooo...

OK and I'm the opposite, I wanted to wear glasses to look like a hot little librarian or something like that, but apparently my eyes are OK. Dont' ask. I'm a dork ;-)

The Divine Miss M said...

@annie v - ah fanks, though it isn't all glitz and glam. lots of panic and stress on this side of the world for me!

Men should lust over woman in glasses. We can also look sexy ... sometimes!

@blondie - ja ja ja, you just don't lvoe me anymore!