Monday, 9 March 2009

The cup hath not runneth over

I know things are getting bad when I enjoy the whistling from the workmen next door.

And you know it is even more worse when they don't whistle and you question what you're wearing.

Or you start planning in the morning what would be the most appealing to the said workmen. Soon I will be knowing them by name, they will be my new best friends and I will run all of my outfits past them.


Basically I need sex. Yes you heard it.

I. Need. To. Get. Laid.

It is reaching the point where even my friends are starting to look appealing.

No wait, been there tried that, didn't quite work according to plan and all I have to say is that on that matter is that I am very glad I have forgiving and understanding friends.

Like the economy and businesses that are running dry my sex life has ground to a complete halt. I am not really too sure who to blame this on but I have to do something about it.

Please tell me that this is normal every once and a while?

Please tell me that there are others out there who crave the attention from the wolf whistling workmen?

Please don't let me be the only one.


Lopz said...

Oi, someone offer her a shag quick - our friends are in mortal danger!!!!! Seriously though, there will be some peeps at the party on sat that you haven't met... I think we'll have to take some action.

The Divine Miss M said...

I agree.

As long as you're not all rooting for OJ again :P

Anonymous said...

Omg..... I do that too!

I get really upset when they don't whistle at me, even though they really aren't my type...

Glad to know I'm not alone!!!

The Divine Miss M said...



You've made me feel so much better for my dirty little secret ;)

po said...

Hehe can't help you there I'm afraid. More climbing for you til you find someone to use up the extra energy :)

kyknoord said...

Can't really comment. The workmen never whistle at me. Sexist bastards.

Shivz said...

Well, APPARENTLY, there is a negative correlation between the state of the economy and the amount of lovin' that is happening... turns out it's a cheap form of entertainment!!! Go forth and find an unemployed banker-he'll be desperate to please you since he can't wine and dine you ;)

boldly benny said...

I've been there - a case of any attention is attention!

I am sure there is a myriad of lads willing to help you out :)

boldly benny said...

yikes: there are... I'm far too tired today!

PS any word on the interview you went for?

The Divine Miss M said...

@po - I try but climbing is just filled with topless men, it is equally bad! :P

@kyknoord - Try shaving your legs before going out.

@shivs - Bankers IIIICKKKKKYYYYY

@benny - aw ta hon, though you've not seen me :P No, no bites yet but basically they are waiting for commissions before HR can put me forward for anything.


happy snapper said...

Yip, I can totally relate! To the wolf whistling, as well as the need for some serious laying :)

I hope your dry patch becomes a wet one! ha ha...dodgy pun. And the fact that I just said dodgy pun makes it worse. Please ignore me....the CT heat has turned my brain into mushy mushness.

The Divine Miss M said...

@happy snapper - you managed to take that to a new low!

dry patch a wet patch? You are a girl after my own heart!


happy snapper said...

ha ha ha, you know me ;)