Thursday, 5 March 2009

The loooooong wait

I think that I have been exceptionally lucky working for the company I have been at for almost 2 years. We are very laid back, very chilled and definitely not in the thick of the most stylish media people.

Today I went for an interview at a large Indie Production Company and was reminded of how pretentious this industry really is!

I arrive for my 3pm meeting.

The overdressed receptionist finally pays attention to me and takes my name

I'm sitting on the exceptionally stylish couches in the waiting room

Side note: Has anyone noticed that there is a direct correlation between the comfort of a chair and how stylish it is? The more stylish the less comfortable. I find this works as a rule.

Change position on the seriously uncomfortable couch

Am joined by 2 designer clad people

Realise that perhaps the chair would be more comfortable if I too was decked out in stylish gear as the people next to me look cosy

Update Twitter status out of boredom

Text Lopz out of boredom

Timidly ask the receptionist if she can check in on the person I'm meeting. She looks at me like I'm something dirty. Again I regret my clothing choice

Wonder why it is perfectly fine for the person conducting the interview to be late but if I was late it would reflect badly on me.

HR woman finally shows up full of apologies.

She turned out to be lovely and weirdly enough from South Africa. Rumour has it there may be a job there for me, just need to rework my CV for her to pass on.

The world isn't looking too black today.


kyknoord said...

Africa Time in the UK. How cool is that?

The Divine Miss M said...

Fucking rocks dude

Spread the word!

happy snapper said...

Hope you get good news Miss M!

The Divine Miss M said...

Ta doll, hope things are ok with your cousin!

happy snapper said...

Thanks hun, still waiting to hear..