Monday, 1 September 2008

The pee-pee dance

Do you know what I hate the most about being insanely busy at work?

I never seem to get the chance to pee.

I desperately need to go to the toilet but something always keeps getting in the way.

And then I forget.

Then suddenly I've been desperate to go for about an hour and I think I'm going to wet my seat.

So I go in the direction of the toilet and someone hijacks me en-route.

Another 20 minutes.

This is getting stupid.



Mike said...


MidniteGem said...

*points and laughs*

p.s. happens to me all the time too

Miss T said...

pretend you are on a VERY important call on your cell all the way til you make it to the bathroom!

The Divine Miss M said...

@mike - strangely enough that actually sounds appealing!

@gem - shush you! :P

@miss t - not a bad idea ... might try it today ;)

Miss Tig said...

Well,it might be deep seated and unacknowledged fear of the toilet monster...O.O

sweets said...

get some boxing gloves
run like hell for the loo
knock anybody down that wants to stop you :)

oh and don't laugh at anybody's jokes...

Candy Grrl said...

Multitask...tell them to follow you & speak while you're busy...that way you're showing initiative & still managing to sort out your own issues at the same time!

MidniteGem said...

But she doesnt pee with other people in the bathroom - so that wouldnt work - lol

The Divine Miss M said...

@miss tig - SHUSH!! I'm still scarred :P

@sweets - yes, laughing would put an end to needing the loo

@candy - see what gem wrote, that would SOOO not work for me!

@gem - you know me too well :P

Candy Grrl said...

Really...well you could ask them to turn on the taps for you...I've heard it works :)

The Divine Miss M said...

@candy - you really don't understand by inability to pee when others are within earshot or viewing.

I actually freeze up.


It's a mental thing.

Highly possible it stems from miss tig forcing me to come to the toilet with her all the way through primary school.

Damn her.

Lopz said...

I can help you - I cured Scarf of the same affliction. And when she has the occasional relapse, taps do work!

The Divine Miss M said...

@lopz - fantastic, can we have an intense teach Miss M to pee in front of others and outdoors class soon? ;)

Tricia said...

Just GO! :)

Miss Tig said...

I didnt force you-you came of your own free will....
Just because the toilet monster LIKED YOU more..and besides didnt we go to gossip not to pee during woodwork??
There stems your problem ;-p

Ruby said...

he he...shame hun! I hate it when that happens too, and my office is right next to te big bossman's office, so i have to sneak past his office to go to the loo.....he usually spots me...eish!

Kitty Cat said...

OMG - I'm nearly peeing in my pants reading all of the comments - so maybe that's another solution right there - read something funny then bolt like hell for that loo!!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...


Oh sorry... laughing makes it worse!
Guess I shouldn't whistle either! LOL