Monday, 8 September 2008

Push the Button

We moved offices today.

All of our floors are slowly but surely having a refurbishment. My team is now sitting on one of the redone floors. It feels like we are in a call centre or something similar. Just rows upon rows of desks as far as the eye can see, white walls and cupboard leverywhere.

All very strange.

They have also built us a kitchen area which is going down a storm.

The most entertaining bit is the fact that there is one tap which gives you cold drinking water and boiling water for teas or coffees instantaneously.

This has proved hysterical as it took a good 20 minutes before we figured out how to get the boiling water out.

Some of the greatest minds in Television - well Execs and the like - standing around this tap desperately trying to make it work.

Eventually they figured out that you had to hold down the safety button before the water came out.

Most funny part? The instructions were on a sign right above the tap - no one had bothered to read them.


po said...

Wow, a tap that gives out boiling water and cold water at the same time, that sounds like witchcraft or something!

The Divine Miss M said...

It is po. ;)

We are an office filled with witches!

kyknoord said...

Yes, but these great minds don't need to read instructions. That's what assistants are for!

Miss T said...

The kitchen is there to make sure you don't actually go out for lunch ;)

Kitty Cat said...

You should go read Miss Caught Up's post - also a freaky machine thing going wrong. Ha ha.

Miss Tig said...

Wow thats my dream-no more boiling the kettle and waiting..and yes,a kitchen is to ensure you stay in the ofice over lunch :-)

The Divine Miss M said...

@kyknoord - WAHAHHAH so true

@miss t - I'm actually bothered by how true that statement is. I'm heating up my lunch as I type ..

@kitty cat - I'll check it out :)

@miss tig - IT IS SOOO COOL, no waiting!

MidniteGem said...

LOL - that is so funny! but pretty much only cause that is what I do all day... well design offices with rows of desks, white, storewall, kitchens...and those taps !! We just put on in that does chilled, boiling and SPARKLING WATER!!! talk about my dream tap. Anyway pretty much every office is asking for those at the moment.

The Divine Miss M said...


I think we've been cheated.

Damn cheap company.

MidniteGem said...

Yup - they def spec'd the cheap one! But it also might be a space issue. The tap that does it all also takes up a load of space in the teapoint units. And needs more ventilation which looks crap.

happy snapper said...

Ha ha ha! I can just imagine it.
Kinda like that scene from Zoolander: "The files are IN the computer"

I could do with a boiling water tap. That would be awesome. There was something installed in our kitchen today actually at the office...I should probably check out what it is. I want the sparkling water one though too!

The Divine Miss M said...

@midnight Gem - Ah fair enough. I still feel cheated though!

@happy snapper - HEY! Yes, they were all standing around the tap going "how does it work?" "there must be some trick" "pushing the button doesn't do ANYTHIGN"

What morons.