Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What gets my Goat

A machine that prints, scans and photocopies all in one. This is - in theory - fantastic.

This machine prints on both sides of the paper. Again, absolutely bloody fantastic.


It photocopies only one side of the paper.

Even worse.

It photocopies one side of each piece of paper AND puts each side onto 1 piece of paper. So I have page 1 and 3 on one page and no page 2.

How FUCKING stupid is THAT?????

I also appear to be surrounded by people who are incapable of doing things for themselves.

Do I look like your mother? If you didn't put a label on something at our old office it did not get moved over here. I explained it and I thought that you had listened to me.

It is not my problem anymore. Go back to the old office and get it yourself.

Also, whilst we're at it, I have much better things to do with my time than find you a charger for your mobile when you're the one who has lost it.

I repeat. I. Am. Not. Your. Mother.

Please do not wander up to my desk with a lost expression and tell me your woes. As you can tell I am NOT in the mood for it.

On the plus side I had my Career Development Review this afternoon. I got some glowing feedback but it isn't it amazing how I can focus on the 1 small thing that someone expressed negatively? One small, tiny, insignificant thing that I am now just going to obsess over for the next few weeks.

Unfortunately it is from the Manager I'm working with at the moment and I'm pretty sure she knows why I'm shooting her the evils this afternoon.

Let's hope that tomorrow is a better day hey?


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Mom...I mean Miss M -shame man!! That sucks! People can be annoying.
Deep breath and have a cocktail - you deserve it!!

The Divine Miss M said...

I am going for drinks after work! :)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Years ago I taught classes in parenting during which I pointed out that kids who don’t want to do something or learn how to do something play incompetent in the hopes that the parent will do it for them. It’s a shame you have so many such kids in your office.

The Divine Miss M said...

It is Nick, it is. And they're in their mid 30's.

kyknoord said...

You certainly sound like my mother.

The Divine Miss M said...

shush Kyk!

sweets said...

LOL @ kyk...


Miss Tig said...

And here I was thinking the M stood for something that WASNT MOM!!
Are there other woman in the office-because boy children I get, 30yr old girl children..have a special place in my heart-the hell place..
Chin up re the assesment-its 99% great-thats fecking awesome!!!

Mike said...

You should tit slap those assholes!

happy snapper said...

Aah Miss M, I hear you! People can be real douche bags. You should photocopy a note that reads: "I am not your fucking mother. Get a brain."
And then politely leave it on their desks. Or pin it to the front of your shirt. That way they can read it before they even open their fat mouths.

Hope the rest of your week is better, and enjoy the afterwork drinks! :)