Thursday, 25 September 2008

Conversations in the Lift

Just another lovely conversation overheard by Miss M on the way to her floor

Lovely Old English Gentleman:
Sweet quavering voice I can not remember which one it was, they both look the same to me

Lady: Did she have big tits?

LOEG: Peers at her Excuse me?

Lady: Big tits, did she have them?

LOEG: I am not quite understand you, big what?

Lady: Busoms, boobs, knockers, breasts or tits

LOEG: Splutters Oh is that what you are calling them these days

Lady: Welcome to (company name) we say it like it is

I felt so sorry for him as he got off with her at the floor.

He looked very uncomfortable.


Kitty Cat said...

And you said nothing?

There is an award for you to collect at my blog! :)

Miss T said...

Agh shame the poor man!! Hey what's happening with the job by the by??? Cannot believe your bad luck!!! That guy was so out of line!

Lopz said...

And this is why we work in media!

The Divine Miss M said...

@kitty - hey dude, thanks for that! :)

@miss t - It's all fine now, but was rather stressful at the time :(

@lopz - and at the moment I fucking hate it.

Peculiar Jane said...

I'm sort of the same. If I'm not sure who someone is talking about I describe their most obvious character. Such as big nose, black guy and mono-boob.