Wednesday, 24 September 2008

What not to do at work

I almost lost my job today.

Not the best way to start a Wednesday.

Last week I got contacted by another company whom I had worked for years ago asking what my availability was and if I'd like to come in for a chat.

Well I'm not a girl to turn down a cup of tea and a chat so I made arrangements to go and meet with him not really thinking anything of it.

He basically offered me a similar role to what I am doing now but with a slightly higher credit on the show so I can essentially move up faster. The money wasn't much better and as soon as I was done meeting him I had made the decision to reject the offer as I do not really want to leave my current company unless something AMAZING was offered to me.

End of story and I'd removed it from my mind.

Until this morning when I got a message from the Unit Manager asking if she can have a quick chat with me.

I almost shat my pants as I couldn't think of a reason why she'd want to see me.

Basically it turns out that the company I had gone to see contacted my Head of Production BEFORE I even met with him to find out references for me so my company started thinking that I was job hunting and were waiting to hear my resignation.

They even went as far as to line up other people for the next show that I am supposed to be going to work on and wanted to make sure that was fine and find out when I would be leaving.


And never again will I go behind my companies back about another job.

Though in all fairness he should not have contact them without my permission. It is only because he knows my Head of Production.

Man that scared me so bad.


Tricia said...

You did nothing wrong - he had no business contacting your current company for references without your permission. How unprofessional on his part and probably makes you glad you decided not to go work there.

po said...

Eish that sounded stressful but I agree with Tricia, you did nothing wrong. You are entitled to talk to someone about another job without telling your company, its not as if you were looking for work, the guy just wanted to talk to you, it was his fault for the mess you were in!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

HOLY SHIT CHICK!!! Dude, that's scary! Sorry that happened to you - but in all fairness, there is NOTHING wrong with you looking at the career menu (so to speak)...the dude is a moron for contacting your employers. Who does that?
Argh!! Sorry hun - but at least it's all sorted (right?)

Shivz said...

The good news is... the week is almost over!!! May next week usher in people with verbal communication skills, competent travel companies and no assumptions!

Shame lady, there i was feeling a leetle sorry for myself sitting at the office on a public holiday... I'd do that a million times over to avoid the week you've just had!

Kitty Cat said...

God, that is a bit scary, but as tricia said, you did nothing wrong. I hope you explained the whole thing and that your company understands.

The Divine Miss M said...

@tricia - I am rather glad actually, was shocked that he did it without my permission!

@po - Ja I know I didn't do anything wrong but I just forgot how small the world of TV is!

@blondie - It's sorted, they know I'm staying but it freaked me out cause she was like if you want to leave we understand and no hard feelings. I'm like YOU'RE FINE WITH ME LEAVING??!!? I'M INSULTED! :(

@shivs - This time next week it is all over. Studio show on Tuesday and then on TV on Wednesday and I finsih on Friday.

Thank fuck for that.

Ta doll :)

@kitty cat - They do, but I still feel really nervous for some reason :(